Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting is a form of media blasting in which sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is used to gently clean and restore surfaces, and because the media is so soft it is considered to be a non-destructive media blasting method. Soda Blasting, although widely accepted as a solid alternative to “sandblasting” when substrate profiles must be left unaltered, finds it’s most effective uses in cleaning & restoration applications where odour absorption is required, or when used in food-safe environments. Since the adaption of Vapour Blasting technology, EcoJet employs the use of Soda Blasting quite sparingly especially when debris field containment is required or when working near vegetation that can be killed by the causticity of sodium bicarbonate.

Soda Washing:
Soda Washing is a cleaning and degreasing technique used to restore equipment without causing damage to paint, rubber, plastics, glass, chrome. Water is often introduced to the media stream as an effective means of dust control, and aggression buffering.

- Food safe
- Non-sparking
- Safe on glass, and chrome
- Non-destructive
- Odour absorbing
- Will not warp sheet metal
- water soluble

- Fire Restoration
- Graffiti Removal
- Brick & masonry restoration
- Marine (Antifouling removal)
- Equipment Degreasing
- Rust Removal (scale)
- Paint removal (selective)
- Aviation (Non Destructive Inspection)