Vapour Blasting

Vapour Blasting, also known as “wet abrasive”, or “dustless blasting”, is an abrasive blasting technique that, in a way, can be compared to “sandblasting” in that the active propellant is abrasive blast media ie. sand, garnet, crushed glass, aluminum oxide, baking soda. The difference however, is that the Vapour Blasting system mixes the media with water. The addition of water buffers and lubricates the particles providing a cushion that can protect both the media and the surface from excess damage. This has the dual advantage of increasing the effectiveness of the media by lowering media breakdown, and by preventing impregnation of foreign materials into the surface.

- environmental excellence
- minimal debris containment required
- 1/10th the media consumption
- 1L per minute water consumption
- Wide array of 100% inert blast media choices
- 90% dust-free
- no media embedment in substrate
- consistent finish
- no static build-up
- extremely clean surface left behind
- safe on plastic or steel
- add hot water and soap for degreasing
- no heat production

- Paint removal
- Graffiti
- Hazardous Materials Removal
- De-greasing
- Surface preparation
- Marine
- Brick and Concrete Restoration
- Automotive Restoration
- Traffic Line Removal
- Bridge Restoration
- Rust Removal
- Log Home Restoration
- Artifacts & Historical Pieces